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Uncategorized: makin-kopiesmakin-kopies Makin’ Kopies

submitted by mjameshall on December 6, 2010

Uncategorized: hothot Veronica Belmont

submitted by mjameshall on November 4, 2010

Oh my Veronica Belmont! Damn you Ryan Block!
Well, thankfully, thanks to the internet, you can digitally stalk that unattainable hottie, and I did! Here are my favorite pictures of on eof the hottest girls in tech – Veronica Belmont!

Uncategorized: vbmaniavbmania Zero-day exploit

Filed under: — submitted by mjameshall on September 14, 2010

W32/VBMania: The most Terrifying zero-day expolit in 2010 and McAfee’s frakin awesome free tool to clean your system. It actually uses their Enterprise level Artemis scanning engine that compares the MD5 Hash of your files. Rad.

Uncategorized: diggdigg Submission Statistics

Filed under: — submitted by mjameshall on September 8, 2010

Dave over at his blog put together some graphical statistics about submissions at digg relative to its success. Pretty interesting stuff.

Uncategorized: techtech Cross-Platform

submitted by mjameshall on

You may use a hybrid solution. This is a native Objective-C solution with the web-based solution (HTML, Javascript, CSS) embedded. You will need an Intel-based Mac OS and the iPhone SDK to create this kind of project.

Uncategorized: lifelife Lessons from Left 4 Dead

submitted by mjameshall on August 30, 2010

Tis a question of Life imitating Art or Art imitating Life.After enjoying playing Left 4 Dead for over a year,there are three main lessons we all can benefit from.
Now, I know you think its just a game .. and you are right. It is a game.
But, isn’t life a game? A game you learn how to master as you grow old and wise in your years? The same for Left 4 Dead.
Allot of the lessons learned in the game can easily be passed into everyday life … and here is just 3 simple examples! Let’s begin!

Uncategorized: jobjob Hunting Tips

submitted by mjameshall on August 16, 2010

Amazing 10 job Hunting and Resume Tips! Finding a job is allot like an advertising campaign. You have a product, yourself, and you want to the word out that you are available.

Uncategorized: collagecollage Doctor Who?

Filed under: — submitted by mjameshall on April 13, 2010

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