Some Life Lessons we all can take from playing Left4Dead

Tis a  question of Life imitating  Art or Art imitating Life.After enjoying playing Left 4 Dead for over a year,there are three main lessons we all can benefit from.
Now,  I know you think its just a game .. and you are right. It is a game.
But, isn’t life a game? A game you learn how to master as you grow old and wise in your years? The same for Left 4 Dead.
Allot of the lessons learned in the game can easily be passed into everyday life … and here is just 3 simple examples! Let’s begin!

Lesson # 1: Be Smart, let someone else go first.

Avoid being left behind – cause you will be left in the COLD (see penguins),and avoid going point.


Well, do YOUwant to be the FIRST ONE to enter an ambush?


Well -Do you??!?

Lesson # 2: Be sure to have Pills and Medical Kits!

Keep them everywhere!

In the car.

At your desk.

In the garage.

In your home – and don’t forget the pills!

Lesson # 3: Never try to take a Tank on by yourself!

I know. Your Rambo Superman instinct kicks in.
You can do it.


Cause, wherever there is a Tank, there is a smoker, boomer or hunter
ready to spawn in 30 seconds –
and you are not going to kill that Tank in 30 seconds!