Fully disable Protection and Gatekeeper.

Follow these steps to disable SIP:
1. Restart your Mac.
2. Before OS X starts up, hold down Command-R and keep it held down until you see an Apple icon and a progress bar. Release. This boots you into Recovery.
3. From the Utilities menu, select Terminal.
4. At the prompt type exactly the following and then press Return: csrutil disable
5. Terminal should display a message that SIP was disabled.
6. From the  menu, select Restart.
You can re-enable SIP by following the above steps, but using csrutil enable instead.
Restart your Mac, and as soon as the screen turns black hold down

csrutil disable

Gatekeeper is a great feature in OS X that prevents applications from unidentified developers from opening up, which helps keep malware off your computer. Advanced users don’t really need it though, but when you turn it off, it reenables itself after 30 days. Thankfully Terminal can solve this problem.
When you turn Gatekeeper off, it only stays off for 30 days. This can be annoying if you’re the type who knows what you’re doing in OS X. To disable this function, open up Terminal (Applications > Utilities) and type in the following command:

sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/com.apple.security GKAutoRearm -bool NO