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Build once, deploy to any smartphone

You may use a hybrid solution. This is a native Objective-C solution with the web-based solution (HTML, Javascript, CSS) embedded. You will need an Intel-based Mac OS and the iPhone SDK to create this kind of project.

The best framework to use is PhoneGap. You will get the the basic xCode, android etc templates and inside the build folder, there is a HTML folder where you insert your web files into (index.html, etc.)

You can also point your UIWebView control to an online URL and create just an application with icon and AppStore distribution that only work as a Mobile Safari without the toolbars. All your files will be on your web server.

If you only want to have the users an icon in the Home Screen, you don’t need the AppStore. You can just use the meta tags available in Mobile Safari.

Lessons from Left 4 Dead

Some Life Lessons we all can take from playing Left4Dead

Tis a  question of Life imitating  Art or Art imitating Life.After enjoying playing Left 4 Dead for over a year,there are three main lessons we all can benefit from.
Now,  I know you think its just a game .. and you are right. It is a game.
But, isn’t life a game? A game you learn how to master as you grow old and wise in your years? The same for Left 4 Dead.
Allot of the lessons learned in the game can easily be passed into everyday life … and here is just 3 simple examples! Let’s begin!

Lesson # 1: Be Smart, let someone else go first.

Avoid being left behind – cause you will be left in the COLD (see penguins),and avoid going point.


Well, do YOUwant to be the FIRST ONE to enter an ambush?


Well -Do you??!?

Lesson # 2: Be sure to have Pills and Medical Kits!

Keep them everywhere!

In the car.

At your desk.

In the garage.

In your home – and don’t forget the pills!

Lesson # 3: Never try to take a Tank on by yourself!

I know. Your Rambo Superman instinct kicks in.
You can do it.


Cause, wherever there is a Tank, there is a smoker, boomer or hunter
ready to spawn in 30 seconds –
and you are not going to kill that Tank in 30 seconds!

Hunting Tips

Amazing 10 job Hunting and Resume Tips! hunting from a advertising point of view!

Finding a job is allot like an advertising campaign. You have a product, yourself, and you want to the word out that you are available.

Tip 1: Resume name: to make your resume more searchable, and also easier acessable in websites like monster.com, have keywords in te resume file name.
Example: Mary-Jane_resume_Dallas-retail-cashier.doc

Tip 2: Bullet structure for the resume.

Tip 3: Your resume is nothing but a poster advertisement for You! It’s only purpose is to get you a interview. That is all!

Tip 3: Email addresss. What you use as your email address says allot about you. Example: @aol.com=computer illiterate, @gmail.com=computer savy, @yourpersonaldomain.com=computer genius!

Tip 4: To the point cover letter. Always best to have a cover letter, but people do not like to read. At all! Don’t list your resume on the cover letter, just two or three highlights – no more!

Tip 5: Email signature. Says allot about you. The better it looks, better you look. Even better to have a link to your social page like linkedin.

Tip 5: Linkedin, Facebook, etc. Clean then up!! Make your personal social pages professional. Potential employers will prolly scoop your facebook page via your email address. They will not find your college photo of you smoking weed and a club as rad as your friends do.

Tip 7: Company description on your Resume. Employers aren’t going to know what random company XYZ does. Plus, the better the company looks on a resume, better you look!

Tip 8: offline promotion. Companies get allot of emails, why not a old fashion fax once in a while? Don’t have a fax machine? No problem!

Tip 9: Visablity. You want your resume to be found by anyone looking for you. Now, of course, the more visible you are, more spam you will acquire! Post your resume on all the job hunting sites, including craigslist.

Tip 10: Networking. Be humble. Your looking for a job, and if you don’t ask, they won’t tell. Don’t feel bad if you don’t know allot of people, maybe you just moved to a new city, who knows.
Make recruitersn your new friends! Keep in touch, ask them for advice, recommendations. You’ll be suprised!

That’s my personal top tips. Now, there are plenty other tips

Doctor Who?

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